Long gone are the days of just running ads, or just having a website. Your website, branding and an offer are just pieces, but they don't equal a profitable business.  With over 70 years of combined marketing and sales experience, the Funnel Brew ™ team is the cafe for copy, design and automation.  Grab our tools to sweeten your funnel, let us craft it for you from start to finish, or master our skills as we work with you inside Funnel Brew School.

Creative + Stategic solutions for coaches and course creators to make sales on autopilot, that feels "human," and is web 3.0 ready!

Resources and tools that you can use to sweeten up your offer, marketing and/or stategy.

Hire us to create a beautiful funnel that is perfectly blended for your audience.

A "done-with-you" craft a profitable funnel, while we help you along the way!

When I can help online business owners grow, scale and ease their struggles with stagnant sales, it lights me up!  Prior to me ever realizing that marketing and sales was something I was naturally good at, healthcare was my path of choice.  After a random job at a chiropractor's office I found myself excited to help with the marketing of their new office location and growing their patient base.  After that, it was nothing but climbing up the marketing ladder.  In 2014 was when tragedy hit that gave me the push to start my own marketing business.  My ex-husband, and father of my youngest son suddenly died of anaphylaxic shock (due to a spider bite). As a result I knew that being a parent first was too important.  I needed flexibility, while also supporting my kids.  Just 3 months into business and I hit my first 6 figures.  I never would have imagined having a growing business with an amazing team and the best clients in the world, but with grit and determination, here we are. 

Your business growth barista with grit + determination

Meet the founder — Ashleigh Peregoy

Xo- Ashleigh

Take away the struggles of second guessing how you are running your business, or trying to piece meal it together.

Quit overthinking your offer and feeling like you need to recreate the wheel. 

Get instant results to find out how scalable your offer is, along with sweet steps to add some steam to your sales.

How Scalable is your offer? 

Experience business growth the way you envisioned.  


A popular solution to book a team of 3 Funnel Brew experts to work on your business funnel for an entire day!  

VIP Experiences 

The ultimate experience to hire the Funnel Brew team to create a marketing/sales funnel, complete with the copy, design and strategy that makes your offer irresistible to your ideal client!

Full Funnel Builds

Get the best of both words.  Enroll in Funnel Brew School for a part DIY and part done-with-you experience.  Master all you need to know to create and scale a high converting funnel.  

Funnel Brew School

Combined Marketing + Sales Experience within our Team

70+ Years

Dollar amt. of ad spend we have managed.

$10 Million

30 Day Revenue results a client had


Get the exact 3 step funnel framework that generated over $400k for a client, in the first 30 days!

Free workshop

— amy

"After working with Quinn, I was able to carve 10 hours off my work week while doubling my income."

— Star

"After working with Quinn, I was able to carve 10 hours off my work week while doubling my income."

— Bernadette

"After working with Quinn, I was able to carve 10 hours off my work week while doubling my income. After working with Quinn, I was able to carve 10 hours off my work week while doubling my income."

— Bianca

"After working with Quinn, I was able to carve 10 hours off my work week while doubling my income."

watch the

Words are hugely powerful.  They evoke emotion and psychological triggers around urgency, desire and excitement.  This is the ultimate guide and cheat sheet to sweeten up your conversions with some simple changes to the words or phrases you are currently using.  

Sweeten up your conversions on your site or landing page, without starting from scratch!

Free Guide

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