Take your leads from beans to steam 24/7 with a sales funnel designed and built to hit the sweet spot that makes your digital offer irresistible to dream customers!

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Why live launch when you can sell your course or digital product 24/7?  

If you currently sell a digital product (no matter what the price point), there is a funnel that’s itching to be created!  

Our done-for-you service includes every element of a profitable funnel that is curated for your dream client, with a message and an offer that moves them to take action!


A Funnel and a Website are NOT the same . . .

A funnel and website are NOT the same things, but you probably already know that.  

In the most simple way possible, a funnel is a journey created for your dream customer as they shimmy their way through your value ladder of offers . . .  at the right time, with the right message and most irresistible offer! 

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Funnel Reboot Call for 5 Figure - FOMO and FUNCTIONALITY of your existing Funnel!

Book a 60 min. intensive with Ashleigh or Lisa (aka “proud funnel nerds”) and we can review any piece of your funnel, ads or strategy to help you increase conversions super fast!

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Ashleigh Peregoy, CEO of Funnel Brew™ is also the host of The Funnel Brew School™ Podcast!  Find it on your favorite podcast app HERE!

Topics include:

  • Organic and Paid traffic
  • What’s working NOW and what’s NOT!
  • Mastering the art of of online sales (without the ickity ick factor)
  • Plus expert tips from guests as they share their best secrets for converting funnels!

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A powerful funnel isn't an expense, it's an asset!

Funnels are machines.  The kind that generates income and becomes a core asset to your business.  It makes you money, ignites your ability to vacation, and fuels major scale factor!

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