When tragedy hit the heart of my 7 year old son in 2014, my world crumbled in the blink of an eye. Little did I know that this would be the year when everything changed.  

My phone rang, it was my mom.  On the other end, her words. . .  "Ashleigh, Greg is dead!"

I'm Ashleigh Peregoy

A highly driven entrepreneur who started a marketing business for reasons other than money.  This is proof that tragedy has a silver lining.

About the founder

This time in my life was pivotal and something I never saw coming, much less ever could have planned for!

My ex-husband and I had a son together in 2006, right after we got married. By 2013 we were divorced and co-parenting the best we could. This was an exceptionally draining divorce, but nonetheless, I can vouch that he and our son Peyton were two peas in a pod. In the early hours of a humid August (2014) 

The cause was later confirmed as anaphylaxis shock due to a spider bite. 

Not long after his sudden passing I made the bold decision to leave the security of having a full time career in marketing that paid well, to venture out on my own, for the sole purpose of having more flexibility so that I wouldn't miss a school field trip, an event or any moment when my son needed me. It was an easy decision for that reason, but I felt confident in knowing that I could do my own thing and at bare minimum, replace my salary!

90 days later I was at $10k months and after 180 days in business,I hired my first full-time, in house employee

Fast forward to today and I have a 7 figure business with an amazing team and COO, Lisa Schuetz that has taken on a lot of the integrations in my business to keep it going, even when I'm not in the day to day of it!

Crafting Scalable, evergreen Solutions for entrepreneurs who want to build their business on autopilot, but still feel "human" to their audience.


Cassidy Leake

Business manager

Lisa Schuetz

Chief Operations Officer

Ashleigh Peregoy

Business Coach + Founder


We are certified Funnel Builders, and certified in Google and Facebook ads. 

There is no limitation on the platform you want to build a funnel on.  We are experts, not amateurs!

Every funnel that is automated needs to feel "human" like- otherwise, it feels like a bot! #turnoff

We value every business we work with, as if it were our own.  We cut ZERO corners!

Our team is highly connected, even outside of work.  This is a huge perk!

We have worked with celebrity clients, as well as entrepreneurs just starting out!


It's just Coffee + Conversions

• Reached $10k in the first 90 days

• Started with local businesses

• Did ALL THINGS "Marketing"


Funnel Brew™ wasn't an overnight success! Here's how we have gone from $0-millons.


Through the years