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We don't just build funnels, we build leads + profits that transform the lives of online entrepreneurs!

Funnel Brew is on a mission to streamline the leads and sales for online course creators and service providers.  The only requirement is your desire to sell on autopilot!

What can you sell with a funnel? 

  • An online course
  • Web or other digital templates
  • VIP Days
  • Tiny offers 
  • Tripwires
  • Summit/Event Tickets (virtual or in person)
  • High ticket coaching programs

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Do you want to scale your business?

Build a funnel!

We can even do it for you: Some people love to DIY their funnel(s) and for that, we offer Funnel Brew School, but if that’s not “you,” and what you REALLY want is someone to create and take on the copy, design and tech of your funnel, then we should chat!

  • Do you want to be immersed into a ripple of a revenue stream that runs 24/7, even when your toes are in the sand, or while you’re counting sheep? 
  • Do you want your customer journey to be purposeful, and offer a universal experience that is memorable and measurable with data, so that you can have a stream of new leads and buyers on autopilot? 
  • Has live launching left you burnt out? 
If your eyes were gleaming while you read any of those 3 bullet points, I’d say that’s a sure fire “YES.” First things first, take our short quiz to find out how scalable your offer is.

The Polished Timeline

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Ashleigh launched
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brief History of Polish

Tragic endings lead to silver linings!

While always having a knack for marketing + sales is true, the real reason this business came to life, was after the loss of another.  

In 2014, the father of my son, Peyton, passed away suddenly due to an allergy from a spider bite. 

This life changing even rocked the world of my son, and I was motivated and determined to do whatever I needed to do to be the best parent I could be.  

Peyton was barely 7 at the time and he deserved a mom that would be at every event, field trip, and function.  

Within 90 days, I had a 6 figure business, but my success didn’t come from going after money.  It came from going after something that I was passionate about, for all the right reasons.  

Meet Ashleigh - CEO

Marketing ninja nerd, software junkie, data addict, animal lover, and coffee craver!

A total introverted, extrovert (aka: ambivert), Ashleigh has over 20 years of marketing experience and has a knack for sales psychology, and can navigate a funnel and automation triggers like it’s her second language!

When she’s not working she’s either reading, writing, listening to a podcast, venturing off to the movies, shopping (online mostly), or organizing something in the house. 


Ashleigh Peregoy
Lisa Schuetz

Meet Lisa- COO

Marketing ninja nerd and data addict #2, animal lover, and loves the coffee shop, but chooses to go with a chai (over Ashleigh’s iced latte at the same local coffee shop). 

Lisa lives on a farm and 3 adorable little girls!  She and Ashleigh live minutes apart, have known either other for yearsssss and along with her 10+years of marketing expertise, she has her MBA from James Madison University.  

Meet Hannah - Creative Design director

Designer of details to an attractive funnel, dog-mom, and branding barista!

Hannah has worked with Ashleigh since before Funnel Brew came to what it is today.  She is a California girl that has made Virginia home, and gets an A+ at communication and desire to match your vision with your brand, as well as the audience you are attracting to your funnel.

Hannah designs beautiful landing pages with experience in several platforms including, WordPress (Divi + Elementor), Kajabi, Clickfunnels, FG Funnels, and Lead pages.  

In her spare time, she’s hanging with her family, hubby, friends, or her furbabies!  

Psst. . . **Baby Hannah Smith coming in Dec. 2021!

Hannah Smith

We support

Our Effort + Commitment
to Giving Back!

Giving back is the best feeling in the world! 

A portion of profits is shared with national non-profits and organizations that support a combination of women, children, animals, veterans and special needs.  

Do you know of a a non-profit that we should consider?  

Visit our contact page and let us know!

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