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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you write copy?

Yes, and is one of the most (if not, THE) most important part of a highly converting funnel!


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept check, ACH transfer, major credit cards and Paypal.

Payment plans are also available. 

How long does it take to see an ROI on a funnel?

A funnel can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to see an ROI, but if you stay committed and continue to optimize, it will be your greatest asset!

What platforms do I need?

This varies depending on your desired outcome for a funnel and your ideal client, At minimum, you will need a landing page builder, and email marketing platform, a way to accept payment online (Stripe or Paypal), and a whole lot of LOVE for what you do!

Is my offer ready for a funnel?

In short, you won’t know if you don’t try.  That being said, how has your offer done to date?  How have the sales been? WHat’s been the feedback?


Based on that information, we will be able to give you the next best step!

Is Funnel Brew school for everyone?

No!  Funnel Brew School was created for the entrepreneur that wants to master the art of funnel building, tracking and automation so that they can focus their free time doing whatever they want, while making sales each day, on autopilot!

We review all applicants to ensure the are the best fit. 

Do you run ads to my funneL?

As much as we would love to, sadly the answer is no.  We are at capacity with digital ad mgmt. at the time, but can certainly give you some personal recommendations or review ads with you in a VIP Day!

Are emails included?

This is an option for you to add on to your funnel build.  This includes email sequences for each stage of your customers journey through your funnel, along with the right tags/tracking and follow up automation triggers. 

I already have a funnel, but can you look at it?

Of course! You can book us for a VIP day and we will go through each nook and cranny of your funnel.  Upon completion, we will send you ways to optimize the copy, the tracking, the follow ups, the pricing, the offer, or even the flow!

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