Digital Ad Spend reaches an all-time high!

Filed in Sales Funnel, Lead Generation, Sales — October 5, 2021

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Digital Advertising in the U.S. is expected to make a 14.8% growth from 2021 to 2022… surpassing $200 BILLION! Video advertising specifically is projected to grow the most, with an estimated 18.5% increase from 2020 to 2021. Not surprisingly, ad spend on mobile devices is also expected to increase to 64% causing a wider gap between those using mobile verse desktop to make purchases. Make sure you grab a piece of the pie NOW since the competition is only going to increase. 

How can you carve out your own slice?

CREATE. A. FUNNEL. A funnel allows you to have an always-on, evergreen sales machine that serves as a constant revenue stream.

You “funnel” people into that stream via organic and paid advertising. Not much can beat the organic promotion of your products and services! Promoting your business organically is incredibly important as well as beneficial.

You are the face of your brand, and your audience wants to relate to you… they want to connect with you and feel a sense of engagement. They want to hear from you and learn to trust you. 

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Where does paid advertising come into play?

In addition to organic promotion, it’s also important to create a diverse digital advertising portfolio. Closely examine your target market and your funnel, then explore using not just Facebook or Google for ads but also LinkedIn, YouTube, and even Pinterest. 

Paid advertising allows you to grow your customer base and bring in new leads that will convert.

You can specify and target groups of audiences that are most likely to want your product/service based on many factors (location, behaviors, interests, and demographics).

The different platforms give you options for how to advertise to those audiences, from showing up when someone performs a search, to an ad next to a YouTube video, to an Instagram story, to Facebook video ads (and the list goes on!). 

What if I don’t know how to run ads?!

Look into hiring an ad agency that is well versed in multiple advertising platforms as well as the softwares you use for CRM, email, funnels, etc. There is a LOT involved with digital advertising and it is constantly changing; a good ad agency won’t be cheap, but it will be worth it.

Keep your focus on customer engagement and product/service portfolio, and let the ad agencies stay up to date with the ever-changing platform requirements. The agency should have a team with skills ranging from designers to content creators to data analysts. 

Wondering where to start?

First thing’s first: Make sure you have a funnel. Don’t have a funnel? Join Funnel Brew School! We will teach you the ins and outs of building a funnel, offer live Q&A with experts, and even provide templates.


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