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Get the Most out of your Facebook Ads in 2022

Filed in Lead Generation, Sales Funnel — January 22, 2022

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Social Media advertising is CONSTANTLY changing. Like, daily (if not more frequently).

I don’t know about you, but even as someone who spends hours inside of Facebook/IG Business Manager every single day… it’s frustrating beyond belief. You have to keep up with what’s changed, what will be changing, what has moved, what no longer works, and how the budgeting structure works.

Facebook ads

Paid advertising via social media might be constantly changing, but it’s also constantly growing as a leading platform in sales. This forces us to integrate it into our overall marketing strategy.

And I’m here to help. No need to bang your head against a brick wall trying to figure out what kind of strategy you should have for 2022…

Follow these three steps to developing a successful paid digital marketing strategy for 2022:

Start with Engagement Ads:

Last year I would have told you conversion ads were the way to go – but in 2022 we are learning that customers want to know more about you before they commit. They’ll see your ad but then venture away to check out your instagram, click on your bio links, etc. 

My advice? Run engagement ads instead! Facebook ads that invites the user to like, share, comment, or view your video allows your audience to instantly know more about you. It gives you an idea of who your engaged audience is. You’ll want to have a minimum of 500k reach, a broader base to pick up some clients you may have missed, and use a ‘lookalike’ audience to allow FB to find more engagement automatically. Engagement ads tend to reach a wider audience while taking up much less of your budget than a conversion ad.

Follow up with Retargeting Conversion Ads:

Use the engagement you’ve built up in your Facebook ads to your advantage! For those who engaged with your ad in the last week, retarget a new conversion ad to show only to them. This takes your dollar the farthest. 

Don’t forget to set up duplicate pages to track traffic between paid ads and organic! It will make reporting on metrics way easier! 

Seal the deal with a Re-Retargeting Conversion Ad:

The final part of your paid strategy is retargeting a conversion ad to anyone who engaged in an 8-30 day window. Show them a different ad than the one you used in #2 above. You want this one to truly ‘send them over the edge’. Think a coupon code, a savings code, an incentive, or anything that creates a sense of urgency. 

Use a strategic order so that you’re not competing with yourself. Set up your custom conversions on your Facebook ads so it can help you know what’s working and what’s not. 

And last but not least, don’t skip out on these very important to-doa so that your new ad strategy runs smoothly and effectively:

  • Verify your domain
  • Make sure your pixel is installed on all pages
  • Collect just the first name and email of your client during opt-ins
  • Have someone other than yourself be included as an ADMIN on your page and Business Manager account. (if you are a solopreneur, or don’t have a team yet, this can be your best friend, parent, spouse, etc.). This ads a level of security, in case you are ever blocked from running ads.

I hope this helps to clarify what’s changing with Facebook digital marketing in the new year! If you want to take your lead generation to the next level but still don’t know where to even start, check out the services [link to services guide] that FunnelBrew offers: everything from custom funnel building, one day VIP workshops, or enroll in funnelbrew school to learn all the ins and outs of maximizing your time and energy using sales funnels. 

Learn more on my podcast!


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