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Steal our 3-Step Framework Selling Digital Courses on Autopilot - in Espresso Time!

Imagine having a group of experts in your back pocket that know copy, design, tech and automations.  They know how to reach the right customers for your offer, at the right time with the perfect messaging. 

Suddenly stagnant course sales skyrocket and they are happening in your sleep!

Congratulations - We are in your back pocket!  

This masterclass will show you a proven 3 step framework that is CURRENT and generated $500k from one course in the first 30 days after we implemented these steps!

Instantly Unlock the Masterclass!

Eliminate Guesswork and Stop Wasting $$$$

Whether you spend money on ads or are running organic traffic to your course currently, money is likely being wasted, and you know it. There is a specific method that every course creator should have in their back pocket and we are sharing allllll the deets!

Create the Perfect Funnel in Espresso Time

There isn't a one size fits all funnel and that's why it's important to map out a funnel that is unique to you and your offer. In this part of the training we will share with you how to determine your most profitable funnel plan!

Unlock 24/7 Sales

In this part of the training, we will breakdown the income generating activities that will increase your sales, as early as TODAY! In addition, we will share the best paid and organic strategies that we see working today, and how to know what you need to fix to sell more!

You won't leave this masterclass empty handed!

Here are just some of the things you will walk away with!

The newest ways to sell your course in 2022.

A checklist for easy creation of your new funnel system.



A bullet proof strategy based on real numbers.

A top secret on ways you can make a sale (or more) as early as today!



A sales tracker template with milestones and benchmarks.

The most important benchmarks to look for with paid ads.



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Ashleigh Here!

With over 20 years of marketing experience, 6 years into running a 7 figure marketing business, and years of business coaching, the idea to create Funnel Brew School™ became too obvious to ignore! 

After a sold-out Beta launch in January 2021, it's your turn to get in on the signature method to create a highly profitable sales funnel in the shortest time possible, that runs on autopilot!

Busy mom? Me too! 

Serial Entrepreneur? Me too!

Barely launched your course?! Doesn't matter!

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