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3 Crucial things to do before setting up your first sales funnel that will increase your success rate.

Filed in Sales Funnel — September 21, 2020

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Sales funnels are magical, but without the right pieces in place, in an order that gets the attention of your ideal client and with the right growth strategy behind it, it will flop fast! All hope is far from lost though. There is a logic in sales funnels that goes way beyond the creativeness. What makes these powerful marketing/sales tools so hard is that when building them, or even thinking about building them, it’s common to get so excited about them that the planning and strategy don’t go past the framework. Once it’s mapped out, entrepreneurs tend to be under the impression that it’s perfect. They spend a TON of time creating it and when they finally launch . . . crickets!

So why is that?

The reason why sales funnels flop comes from these 3 crucial things NOT being planned out with a customized strategy that is relevant to YOU and your business. If there were a ONE SIZE FITS ALL sales funnel, we would all be doing it, and we would all have the same results and we would blend in vs. stand out from the competition.

Here are the 3 Crucial things to do before setting up your first sales funnel, that will increase your conversions.

Market research – While the word research sounds like a boring project you had to do in school, it’s not at all the same. Market research is about listening to the pain and pleasure points of your ideal market. This can be done with a “copy bank” that you can create in google sheets, a google form survey style that you can send to your email list or share on social, or free market research calls where you ask questions and record their answers.

Choose one problem that you will solve: While your heart and mind might try to steer you towards helping EVERYONE with ALL of their problems, I can promise you that if you try and solve every problem your ideal customer has, will have, or might have, you will find yourself less than amused. This kind of thinking will not only confuse your ideal market but will do the exact opposite of what you thought. Instead of attracting more people, you won’t attract anyone.

Note, however, that this doesn’t mean you will NEVER offer other products or services, or that you won’t EVER help more of your people for different problems, but if you’re just starting off, or this is your first sales funnel, then starting with just one thing is crucial for focus and simplicity.

Data Mining: Before you launch a funnel be sure to look at your data. This includes Google analytics, data from your Facebook Pixel, and any other tracking codes. This will allow you to see what your audience is already interested in. For example, say you have a blog. From the data, you might see that a particular blog is drawing more traffic than the others. In addition, you can see which social platform is driving the most traffic to your site as a whole. This can be valuable insight into the actions your current audience is already taking, and allow you to add even more value to the things they already love.

If, after reading this, you are thinking, “hmm. . . maybe outsourcing this would be better,” check out the services offered by The Funnel Brew! There are complete, done-for-you, and optimized funnels that include the concept, copy, design and data to get it to high converting status! CLICK HERE to book a funnel strategy call ‘and let’s talk about it!


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