Scaling Services vs Scaling Digital Products

Filed in Digital Products — February 11, 2022

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Let’s talk scaling – a word that is tossed around a lot by creative entrepreneurs and small businesses. Do you understand what it actually takes to scale your business?


I’m going to break this down into service based businesses (looking at you agencies, photographers, copywriters and designers!) as well as business that sell digital products. 

Service Based Businesses

When I first started my business, it was a local and service based marketing firm where I did it ALL. Seriously, from design to sales. When there was no more time left in the day and I had hit my max brain capacity, aka my coffee was just spilling EVERYWHERE, I knew it was time to scale. 

STEP ONE… Hiring. 

Hiring the right person allows you to grow as a leader and to maybe scale another side of your business. Hire someone based on a skill that they have (tech, organization, automation, etc) and then delegate items that you are both good at. This way, you don’t sacrifice quality, but are able to scale and grow. My first hire allowed me to evolve my service based business into the well oiled sales funnel machine that it is – hello FunnelBrew! – while also giving me the time to develop my coaching business.

STEP TWO… Get a Filter.

A great filter on your team is a person who thinks like you, and communicates with you really well. Then give them, and only them, access to you at all times. This was, they can be the ‘go between’ for your team. You can maintain focus on your own growth, while they focus on the management of the team. 

STEP THREE… Build Leadership. You’ve hired the right lead people – now what? Build a leadership team. Your top of the line team members who also excel in what you do can now run training programs for the remainder of your team and organize the workflow. 


Digital Based Products

FIRST… and not to be a cup half empty kind of gal – you need to think about where your business will go if YOU were not available. Do you have a vision of who would run your business and how? If you are your brand, bring on assistant coaches with a variety of skills who have the same vision as you. 

SECOND… Consider what it will take to be able to scale your offer. Maybe you have a digital offer that you can sell on repeat in limitless amounts. Take the manual labor out of it by setting in place an automation, and determining what is most important in the offer. In my opinion, I love to listen to the data. So any sort of data tracking or email marketing with an automation leaves you time to nurture your client as well as track your sales. 

THIRD… be proactive, not reactive. Email marketing is going to be big with the new Web 3.0 , so don’t wait for it. Set up an email list, automate it, and be ahead of the curve, like the leader you know you are. 

FOURTH… make sure all your systems talk to each other. Save time and energy by having access to your data in one place. Cohesiveness is key for time management and allowing you to stay in your zone of genius. 


Seriously, these steps are the best process to follow to scale your business as you move the needle closer to your goal. Team members, systems and automations are KEY. 

Learn more on my Podcast episode!

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