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You're a go getter that Values time + craves Expertise

Looking for an experience that your audience can't resist? 

Each client that we work with on any "done-for-you" level, gets to experience what it's like to have a dedicated and highly skilled team working towards the common goal of creating an irresistible experience for your ideal client. While no two clients are the same, most have the shared goal of wanting more sales, better marketing, and updated strategies.  In order to make that happen, a deep dive into who your ideal audience is and how your offer can help them specifically is critical.  Once complete, messaging, design and automations come together to form the most high converting funnel that feels like a personal experience to your audience, and they can't resist!













We have been a speaker at 3 events before we decided to start our podcast!


We've traveled to all the continents and the north still holds our hearts.


Our pup Murphy is liiiiiife! He may even make an appearance on the pod!


Fun Details

Automations are a lifeline to your funnel! Automate anything from delivery of a freebie, selling a course or automating a retargetting campaign. 

Tech + Tools

Curate messaging that makes your offer unforgettable and irresistible to pass up.

Sales Psychology

Digital ads, brand messaging and market research are just a sample what we offer.


Where high converting copy, design and automations join to create a sales system that runs 24/7.

Funnel Building

With the right plan and A/B testing strategy, success is streamlined. Let tech take care of the rest.


Creating experiences that also keep your ideal client engaged is emerging more and more.  Stay ahead of the compeition in web 3.0.

Web  3  Experience

Having data and numbers gives you the unfair advantage of knowing what to expect in predictable success!

Numbers + Data

Feel confident in your offer, and how it's rolled out to your ideal client.

Your Offer

to help you experience a thriving business with scale factor

Just a few things on the menu at Funnel Brew

starting at $2k+

Hire the Funnel Brew team of marketing experts to work on any part of your offer, copy, design or automations.


starting at $25k

Get the best of both worlds! Pair business coaching with Ashleigh Peregoy, and have a funnel built for your next milestone!

FUNNEL BUILD with 1:1 business COACHING

starting at $7k

There are three standard funnel build options to choose from.  Each build incluces the entire design, copy and automation.  All done for you!


How you can work with us

The fastest way to next level growth

When I can help online business owners grow, scale and ease their struggles with stagnant sales, it lights me up!  Prior to me ever realizing that marketing and sales was something I was naturally good at, healthcare was my path of choice.  After a random job at a chiropractor's office I found myself excited to help with the marketing of their new office location and growing their patient base.  After that, it was nothing but climbing up the marketing ladder.  In 2014 was when tragedy hit that gave me the push to start my own marketing business.  My ex-husband, and father of my youngest son suddenly died of anaphylaxic shock (due to a spider bite). As a result I knew that being a parent first was too important.  I needed flexibility, while also supporting my kids.  Just 3 months into business and I hit my first 6 figures.  I never would have imagined having a growing business with an amazing team and the best clients in the world, but with grit and determination, here we are. 

Your business growth barista with grit + determination

Meet the founder — Ashleigh Peregoy

Xo- Ashleigh