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The Powerful Impact Web 3.0 will have on your Business

Filed in Digital Products — January 28, 2022

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Web 3.0. Crypto. Decentralized domains. Does any of this sound familiar?

If it doesn’t, then I invite you to dive into this post to learn a little more about what’s brewing for the future!

Let’s break it down…

Currently, when we use the internet we are using search engines and domains that are mostly shared networks. Almost everyone can access data anywhere. These new decentralized domains are private and allow for the owner of the domain to hold more control. 

How does this affect your business? 

For now, not too much. In the future it will. It’s a good idea to get prepared for the changes headed your way. If there is a domain that is attached to your business, and you want to hold onto it, then my best advice is to go buy it! You’ll want to purchase it as an unstoppable domain, or an ENS domain. You will need to do a little research on crypto currency in order to make your purchase, but other than that the domain can be yours. One big perk of these new decentralized engines is that sending, exchanging, and receiving money is going to be much easier, and much more secure. 

What is the Sandbox?

Another part of Web 3.0 that is going to add some flavor to our world is a virtual reality world. This is called the Sandbox, which is a part of the bigger Metaverse. Think of this Sandbox as a place to virtually go to try new experiences, run virtual events, shop in virtual stores, and much more. The Sandbox has virtual land, and big name brands are scooping up this ‘land’ left and right – if you own the land, you control what happens on the land. Once the land is gone, it’s then up to the owner to resell it to whoever they want to. Yes, it’s a bit mind boggling, but it’s coming to the future near you – may as well get ready! 


So what is your first plan of action? If you’re a business owner who is looking to stay ahead of the game, the most important current task is to buy up your business domain – create your unique .X or . ETH, and reserve your spot in the future. 
Learn more about what you MUST DO and what’s coming up on my Podcast here!


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