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Sales Funnel Explained!

Filed in Digital Products, Sales, Sales Funnel — March 4, 2022

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I get asked this question a lot: what the heck is a funnel? 

Chances are, you’ve been a participant in an online sales funnel, whether you knew it or not.

Here’s how it works:

A funnel often starts with an email list. You add yourself to the list, you receive emails with offers, maybe you buy the offer, and voila! You’ve successfully taken a journey through a funnel. 

In the online space, this method typically drives clients to a high ticket offer. It’s not always the first tier of a funnel, but it’s the end of the journey. This value ladder of online sales of your products/offers also contains all your leads. You can nurture them, retarget them, and ultimately drive them to purchase.

Seems simple right? So, what’s the catch?

You can simplify sales of your online product… but need it to be specific and streamlined. 

Start with one funnel, and maybe even one offer, and inside that funnel there’s likely one lead magnet. Whether it’s an email list, a promo code sign up, etc.  This is where you find your leads and track your data.

If you haven’t reached your first 6 figures, this is where you live. You will learn and understand the data to make the smartest choices for your business.

Having too many makes things intense and complicated, so my advice is to stick to ONE streamlined funnel. Be exceptional at that one offer and stay in your zone of genius. You can also lead the client to a landing page or sales page, and not your website (where it’s a free for all and they get lost). 

Once you’ve mastered your first funnel – you can free up some time and scale your business with the opportunity to add an extra for your online course, online templates, etc. 

This method is truly and simply a journey that you map out for your specific client with the specific offer that you have so that it is all cohesive and drives sales. 

My advice? Start somewhere. Generate leads. Look at the data. Drive your sales – use the intentional mapping out of the customer journey – and drive sales to your product in your sleep. 

Still feeling a little lost?

Check out Funnel Brew School where we literally teach you ALL the ins and outs of sales.


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